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  • We test each machine before delivery so that the scales are ready to use straight out of the box
  • We are always on hand to advise and select the right scale for your application prior to purchase
  • We have a vast array of knowledge and experience to help you choose the correct weighing equipment fit for your application
  • Calibration certificates for ISO 9000 quality purposes
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Yantai Super SS Scales

£225.00 exc VAT

Model Capacity Division Plate
SS-5-1.5 1.5kg 0.2g 225 x 190mm
SS-5-3 3kg 0.5g 225 x 190mm
SS-5-3 3kg 0.5g 225 x 190mm
SS-5-7.5 7.5kg 1g 225 x 190mm
SS-5-15 15kg 2g 225 x 190mm
SS-5-30 30kg 5g 225 x 190mm
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Some customers may require a calibration certificate for their quality system where an auditor may need a calibration certificate for evidence of the scales accuracy. Generally it is recommended that scales are calibrated at least annually but may require calibration more frequently depending on customer’s ISO 9000 quality system.

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  • Stainless steel housing and goods plate
  • 14mm LED front and rear displays. Rear display can be disabled
  • Waterproof IP68 rating
  • Full capacity tare and parts counting function
  • Rechargeable battery or mains cable operation
  • Kg, lbs & ozs and decimal lbs


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