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ISO 9000 Calibration Certification

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Business Established in 1994

Why Choose Us

  • We test each machine before delivery so that the scales are ready to use straight out of the box
  • We are always on hand to advise and select the right scale for your application prior to purchase
  • We have a vast array of knowledge and experience to help you choose the correct weighing equipment fit for your application
  • Calibration certificates for ISO 9000 quality purposes
Download Sample Calibration Certificate

Dini Argeo 3590 Weighing Indicator


  • Programmable digital weight indicator with a big touch screen display
  • Advanced industrial applications
  • Customization of the screens
  • Simplifying the user operations. Fitted with 3 serial ports, transmission protocols for data communication
  • Configurable printouts, integrated alibi memory, and port for connection to barcode/badge reader
  • EC approvable

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